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Hotmail HTTP Error 400

Name: Alyssa
I keep getting an ERROR 400 message on some sites i try to get to! They are very common sites like MSN and Hotmail.

I have a brand new HP laptop, Vista, Windows IE. I have no clue how to get this error message to stop! Please help!

I am using Trend Micro 2008 and Webroot Spy Sweeper Software.


More than likely, your Hotmail HTTP Error 400 is being caused by a malformed request by your computer to the web server. Most commonly this is because a software suite on your computer has privacy settings that are supposed to strip your browser requests of their referrer information, but occasionally end up stripping other vital information from the request as well.

Norton Internet Securities “Stealth Browsing Mode” causes this issue all the time.

So, the first step would be to disable your Trend Micro protection completely. Do the same with Webroot. Following this, you’ll need to check your security settings in Internet Explorer. To do this, click on Tools->Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab, and set it to Default. Now click on the Security tab and select the Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites icons, setting them to Default Level one at a time. Actually, since you’re running Vista which comes with IE7, you can simply click the Reset all zones to default level. That’ll be a hint quicker. Click Apply and then OK.

Close Internet Explorer and reopen it. Try to navigate to the pages that were previously giving you problems. If the issue persists, you may need to reset your DNS data as well. Click Start->Run and type CMD then press enter. When the Command Prompt opens up type ipconfig /flushDNS (this may need to be run from within the Administrator account). You’ll also want to ensure that the sites in question aren’t added to your Restricted sites list.

If the issue is still there, you will want to manually shut down the privacy components of Trend Micro and Webroot. Some suites leave their privacy settings active even if the full package itself is set as ‘disabled’. I’m not sure where the settings are in either of these anti-malware suites so you’ll have to poke around.

Once you’ve got the sites displaying, activate your security software packages one at a time. First reactivate PC-cillin, test it, and if it works then re-enable Webroot Spy Sweeper. If it stops working after either one of those has been re-enabled then you may need to uninstall and reinstall them as the privacy profiles have likely become corrupted.

About Kevin Souter

Kevin Souter is a full time computer technician and operates a computer repair site, as well as a free spyware removal site. http://www.tweaksforgeeks.com has articles and tutorials on all sorts of computer problems from internet issues to hardware defects, for the novice and the expert.
  • Alyssa

    Thank you! It worked! All i had to do was disable my virus protection, reset internet options, and it worked again! It was my Webroot spy sweeper that was blocking some sites. Thank you!

  • http://www.windowvistarepair.com Computer Repair man

    I’m curious why you are running webroot and trend micro. Trend has it’s own spyware protection built in for the internet security suit. You will boost your system performance by removing webroot as the two programs do conflict from time to time.

    Any ways, I do get the 400 error sometimes for hotmail and msn ever since they went to the windows Live system. I know you said it’s happening on other sites as well. I think it might happen again from time to time on just those two sites.

    p.s. Great site by the way. Just found it today and love it. It’s terrable in some ways becuase most likely I’ll be on it a lot. I’m a computer junkie!!

  • Carlos Ivan Acosta

    I need your help! I am having the same problem on a Windows XP, I have Nod32 v3.0 and I am sure is Nod32 blockinh Hotmail site. I have unistall Nod32 and it work I clean up with CCLEANER and the restart. After I install again Nod32 but the problem came back!!
    Please help me!! My email is carlosiah@hotmail.com

  • Michael

    I guess my question would pertain to AOL mail and Yahoo mail that let’s me log in but when I try to read my mail I get the 400 error

  • Solvemaster

    Contact your provider. He will help you. But I think, there is a problem with package settings in your modem/computer. I have had the same problem with a new wifi router, but old USB modem that i was used to use was OK. So I solved it with one download of freeware “elite util. internet optimizer”. You have to (in package settings) set value nearby 700 (or try 300-1200 range)(1490 is defa. i think).

  • Nick Marrone

    Hello: I have vista home premium but since a couple of weeks I´m gettng http 400 error and don´t know what to do. I´ve tried with NOD32, Malwarebytes and Glary Registry Repair that helped me with the speed that ie opens any web sites, but I still couldn´t reach hotmail page to read my mails. Wath should I do to fix this issue? I have ie 7.0.6001.18000. Thanks a lot for your coop., Nick.

  • Solvemaster

    ….as I said. Download/buy software for optimize your internet (internet optimizer, tweak master(TM-is the best i think)) and change your package transfer value to minimum (nearby 500). Also you can find it (in program) under different names – maximum transmission unit, maximum trsnsfer unit, maximum/minimum transfered/sent units/packages…… I suggest you should download trial tweak master – instal – go to advance optimalization settings – choose connection that you use – and set MTU to 576 value. If it helps you, try to download/buy freeware/original, or contact your provider with words: “Hey pus*y, I pay for something, that doesn’t work!! Fix this or I’ll find another provider!!” ….you can also set MTU in CMD-line, but it could be difficult for ordinary “Windows Virmasta’ NU-F” user. :)


    I want to repair the error http-400 free y have a lot problems with the computer


    My internet keeps giving me the HTTP 400 Bad Request on most sites, I can get onto the MSN Homepage usually, then I can get onto the MySpace homepage but when I sign in, it keeps saying Bad Request… HELP??

  • http://myspaceandhotmail NOEL

    I have problems with my PC that when I try myself to connect to myspace.com says to me that I have a http mistake 400. I need your help please because my PC is new.

  • Steven

    Excellent call. Turning off the components for Trend Micro didn’t resolve the error. It had to be exited. Also, the DNS needed to be flushed.

  • http://www.bebo.com shauna

    could you please get bebo back up and running on my laptop before 2moro tankx you

    shauna hughes


  • http://virtualcybersales.com Sunnies

    ty for the info/feedback on this issue. just got a laptop for wife with vista and have been having this problem for awhile. Seems better now. ty again.

  • Jason

    Windows live and it’s cohorts was my conflict with Trend Micro

  • Lutfun Nessa

    i am fade-up with lots of error codes like error 400 on different website from the very beginning. it kills lots of my time……..sorry to say that.

  • http://yahoo.com kat

    i have the same http 400 problem whenever i tried to go to yahoo homepage. i am using windows xp professional version 2002. pls help me fix this problem. its only yahoo homepage i cant get into.

  • Raj

    I tried various steps to resolve this Error 400 issue. But nothing worked. I even formatted the OS. Even after complete formatting im getting the same Error 400 (Bad Request). Help needed..

  • brandy

    help this is happening on my psp what do i dooo