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Restore Dell Inspiron Mini 10 to Factory Settings

If you want the solution, on how to restore your dell Inspiron mini 10 without the background information –feel free to skip to the bottom of the article for the solution. Instructions for PC Restore on Dell Inspirion Mini 10 Don’t Work If like me you’ve purchased a Dell Inspiron mini and you’re looking to perform a factory […]

Mini-display port to DVI to HDMI

Nothing like taking a 13 MacBook or 15 /17 inch MacBook Pro and connecting to a 50” or 60” flat screen!!!  From experience, let me tell you how awesome it is!!!! Are you one of those that has been trying to piece together cables so that your MacBook or MacBook Pro would work with your […]

Asus splits into three different companies – Motherboards are now branded “Pegatron”

I have been a fan of Asus motherboards for as long as I have been building computers. Only once have I ever built a machine with a non-Asus mobo and that’s not an experience that I’d like to repeat. So, I was understandably.. surprised when I heard the announcement that Asustek is splitting into three […]

The Contact Form is back up and running!

Alright, after nearly a year since the day that I took the contact form down due to it being used by SPAM-bots for less than noble purposes, I’ve finally gotten around to putting another one up. The email address I was having questions come in previously is still active if there are any of you […]

Negligence, at it’s very finest

Yeah… So, I should check the logs more often. I just found a few URL’s that I was linking to with the old index that didn’t exactly exist anymore. The article still was there, but it had been first moved to the old TextPattern CMS as an experiment, and then I forgot to update the […]

Me = Slacking Off. My apologies.

Sorry for the lack of updates; especially to those of you that have sent in questions. I formatted my machine (it was due) and installed Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5384. I did recieve some e-mails while I had this installed; but while I definitely liked it, there were still too many small issues to […]

Contact Form Issue… Oops!

I made a little boo-boo with the HTML coding of the contact form in the new area of the site. The mail would send, but the end-user would never know it because as soon as the “Send Message” button was pressed it would show you the message “Not Found”. The issue is fixed now, but […]

More updating…

Allrighty, almost done with everything. It’ll be 95% converted when I can get the editor to stop dicking with my contact form HTML. For some odd-ass reason every time I put the code for it in, it decides to add all kindsa fun closing tags, even though they’re allready there. I also still need to […]