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5 Things to Include When Sending Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way of updating your audience with the latest information regarding your Image result for Emailwebsite, business or even your personal life (if you are the likes of, say, a celebrity or a vlogger). Email newsletters follow similar structures as to what elements need to be included in it to be the most useful to your audience. Here are five elements that should be included in your email newsletters when you send them out.



Personalized Subject Line

If you make your newsletters have the same subject line every time, your audience are less likely to open it since, from first impressions, the new email appears in their inbox the same as previously old emails. Therefore, it is a good idea to personalize every email by changing the subject line, kind of like what YouTubers do with their videos, even if it is about the same topic.



Link to Social Media Sites

In your email, it is a necessity to have links to your social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. From doing this will encourage your email marketing audience to follow you on other social media platforms, increasing the potential exposure you have to your target market.



Opt Out Link

It’s not something that we want to include in emails. However, it is a legal requirement to give your audience the option to opt out and unsubscribe from receiving future emails from yourself.

Since we do not want this to happen, it is often a good idea to put this at the bottom of your email and in a small font too. On top of this, it is common for a form to be filled out before true opting out. This could work to your advantage, such as asking your audience why they opted out so you can further improve your email marketing efforts.




Content is long for web users to read, especially if they have tens of emails (or even hundreds) in their inbox. When this is the case, you can understand why some people only skim read emails.

This is also why images work well with email marketing. They encourage web users to open emails if they know they are going to be content-light and visually easy to digest.



Add Personality

There is nothing worse on the internet than reading content that feels like it was written by a robot. It is tedious to read and tends to be the reason why people lose interest with content.

This can be prevented through injecting a bit of life and personality into your content. For example, relate to things that people do, such as put their feet up while on the laptop, have a ‘cuppa’ etc.

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