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5 Tech Gift Ideas this Christmas

Christmas is under a month a way which means never has it been a better time to start looking to buy tech giftsImage result for tech gifts for your friends and families. There is a lot of exciting tech out there, with most being discounted some way or another after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With this, here are some brilliant gift ideas this Christmas if you want to buy your friends and family the latest and greatest tech.



Smart Home Speaker

Although the Amazon Echo and Google Home was released last year, the prices of each have dropped significantly since there launch. On top of this, both Amazon and Google have released cheaper alternatives (Amazon Echo Dot and Google Mini) which lack big speakers but still hold the artificial intelligence software, for which you are buying into with the products from Google and Amazon.

Smart Homes are generally something that people do not know they want or need until they try it out and use it on a daily basis. With this, it can be considered a safe bet to buy it for a friend or family member this Christmas.



Virtual Reality Headset

The VR market has, like the Smart Home, been around for a year or so. However, this year, the prices of the headsets has dropped enough to make it feasible to purchase as gifts. The Playstation VR now starts at £250 ($350) with two VR games. Depending on what games console your friend or family member has depends on what VR headset you should get them. However, considering VR has the potential to completely change the way we interact and experience video games, it is another safe bet for a gift idea.



Bluetooth Headphones

When Apple released the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, the world went crazy. How could they even do this! However, 2017 has come around and other leading tech companies, such as Google, are following the footsteps of Apple. Although people are reluctant to see the headphone jack go, it will eventually go. Therefore, never has it been a better time to invest in headphones that connect wireless using bluetooth.




The smartwatch industry has been a slow burner. However, this year has been a really exciting year since it can be considered the first year that the majority of smartwatches out there generally look like watches. Therefore, even the fashion-conscious should want to wear a smartwatch. With Android 2.0 has just being released with Android Pay over NFC, never has it been a better time to buy a smartwatch.



Netflix Subscription

The majority of household TVs are now smart. Therefore, if you have a friend or family member that has such a TV without a subscription to the likes of Amazon Video, Now TV or Netflix, it is a great idea to provide them a 12 month membership to give it a go – it will be hard for them to not enjoy and use the subscription!

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