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You Will No Longer Be Able To Search Twitter Without Being Registered

Image Source: Pixabay

Users that receive links for search results will also not be able to access them without signing into the platform

Micro blogging social media platform ‘Twitter’ is no longer allowing anyone to use their search option without first registering on the platform. Even if you receive links for search results, you will not be able to access them without first signing into the platform.

Previously anyone visiting the platform on the web was able to search the platform, view tweets and even get some suggested tweets, however now anyone visiting the platform will only see the search option after they sign up for it.

This is the platform’s move to restrict people from using the free API, which might have cost Twitter a lot of new users since most people search around and explore the platform without signing up for it.

Over the years that Twitter has allowed its users to have a free API, it must have lost a large amount of new users that could have signed up for the application if they did not get a free access thus making this an intelligent move.

Apart from restricting its search function for unregistered users, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has also announced the revival of Twitter Fleet.

Released in 2020, Fleet was a Twitter feature that allowed people to write texts, share tweets and upload videos and photos that only lasted about 24 hours thus making people more comfortable in sharing their thoughts and engaging in conversations.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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