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Weekly 2A Wrap Up

Weekly 2A Wrap Up
Every Friday Night

Patreon Swap Meet #9

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An old video I found while researching:
Sheriff Maketa talks at anti-gun law rally

Gizzard Gary
Early Bird Chat #83

Locked & Loaded Latinos
Episode 031
Special Guest: Luis Valdes of Florida GOA, the 25th Amendment en Español

Walt Anderson vids worth watching this week:

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TFW Guntube DGAF About Your Rights

Gun Control for Counter Terrorism: Gun Control Debate, Explained

Live: Review of Destiny Debate on Gun Control
(this is a long one)

Wylie Guns 1776 posted a great video

Republican Senator Introduces DANGEROUS ANTI-2A BILL!
Build Your Own EDC!

Rants and Raves #111
RowCall 219

Fireside Chats 170: Tony Simon – 2A4E

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It’s Alive!!! Welcome to John Crump News

Check out this 2A channel:

2A Cops – Cops Supporting Gun Rights

Episode 8-Disobeying Unlawful Orders 2A Cops Podcast

Episode 9-Red Flag Laws

Episode 10-Supporting the 2A in Light of Tragedy

Second Amendment Foundation vids :

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The Daily Bullet 2/08/2021

The Daily Bullet 2/09/2021

Credit: YouTube/GunWebsites

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