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Weekly 2A Wrap-Up – Aug 19, 2022

Daily Gun Show episode 1,370

A FAST week with a lot of things going on
but did we get anything accomplished for 2A?

This week’s 2A Bullet Points are:

– ATF Frames & Receivers Rule goes into effect Aug 24
– 24 Sheriffs in Missouri Resist FBI CCW Audits
– New York bans off-duty police from CCW
– ATF collects Rare Breed Forced Reset Triggers
– Liz Cheney Voted Out
– HR 8051 = 1000% excise tax
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Suicide Prevention Saturday
@A Great Start Shooting School
203 subs

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Instructor Interview #7 Robyn Sandoval

Smith & Wesson President & CEO issues strong statement

How to Prevent Gun Suicides with Walk The Talk America | Full Podcast
@The Reload
2.34K subs

Veteran’s Top Shot Invitational. 2022

ATF Abolishment Action Plan
@Gun Owners of America
109K subs

Sheriffs Resisting FBI CCW Audits
@Guns & Gadgets
526K subs

Now They Are Coming After TOYS!!!

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All The Rights. All The Time. FPC Files a Brief in a First Amendment Lawsuit.
@Firearms Policy Coalition
88.3K subs

My Top 10 Books on Guns in America – Part 1 – #6 to #10 (Light Over Heat #34)
@Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane
1.48K subs

Bill Wilson shows Massad Ayoob a Rare Collection of Custom 1911s from Past Masters – Critical Mas 38
@Wilson Combat
318K subs

What Is A Bullet Button? 2nd Try!
@Guns N BBQ
1.31K subs

CMP Sales Department
@Civilian Marksmanship Program
2.02K subs

Early Bird Chat #146
@Gizzard Gary
1.87K subs

Rare and Unique Giles Custom Colt 1911 Mid-Range .38 Special Wadcutter With Extended Sight Rib
1.98K subs

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The Overnight#40: Gun Safes
@D.M. Faas
1.25K subs

TYMP Saving Pups
359K subs

Undercover Footage from The Glock Owners National Meeting
@King Pin
1.23K subs

@Gear Websites free patch
@Chris From The 740
1.47K subs

Our ever popular “electricity kills” patch is back in stock
@Owl & Anchor Customs
231 subs

Cape Gun Works Live – Home of RapidFire
@Cape GunWorks
5.65K subs

Cape Gun Works LIVE on Grace Curley Show

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8/14: FBI Leak Designates 2A Symbols as “Domestic Terrorism”
@Come And Talk It
196 subs

Eye on the Target Radio 8/14/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.13K subs

– to support the gun shop, I try to at least buy something when I can
– we are experiencing a War on Gun Shops next, in 11 days we have to deal with new definitions of Receiver”, but gun shops will need to be perfect in their new paperwork, else get their license revoked

Senior CIA Officer Who Ran The Paramilitary Program in Afghanistan | Milt Bearden | Ep. 158
@The Team House
51.6K subs

Manifesto Radio Ep04 – Guest: Angel Cortes
@Manifesto Radio Network
9.77K subs

BEST State Gun Organization in the USA, the AzCDL, Charles Heller joins us Monday 2A Motivation

Truck Gun vs Trunk Gun ?? Ask Gun Questions No.31 = We Answer Your Gun Questions LIVE each Sat

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Talkin Shop with Toby Leary owner of Cape Gun Works in Massachusetts

Gun Auction Preview – Blackpowder & Ammo – LIVE with Pot of Gold Auctions

August 23rd AZFirearms Auctions Rare Ammo Teaser
108 subs

Cool Army Train in Arizona – from Drone Video

Richard Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior, M-16 vs AK47

Credit: YouTube/GunWebsites

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