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Weekly 2A Wrap Up April 22, 2022

Daily Gun Show #1,285
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Ghost Gunner’s Cody Wilson Responds to Biden’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Kit Ban | Full Podcast
@The Reload
1.83K subs

– Great chat about the new ATF rules, with insight and perspective. the best conversation on this topic so far

Suicide Prevention Saturday – Just me
@A Great Start Shooting School
184 subs

How To Talk To Loved One About Getting Help With Their Mental Health
@Walk The Talk America
101 subs

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2A Women Wednesday 016 – Rhonda Mary
@Guns N BBQ
1.12K subs

Amanda Suffecool LIVE for EP9 on MTP & RSWC
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.33K subs

Eye on the Target Radio 4/17/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.04K subs

Interview with: “JennyJ1911”
@Echo’s Reloading Chamber
573 subs

Jenny’s channel link

Cody Wilson!
@John Crump Live
3.64K subs

Q – what portion of our time should be spent talking about “compliance” vs “challenging” this? they attempted too much, no? isnt this an opportunity to get many folks onboard & address this many ways. I am interested in ways t fight, prevent and challenge this we know braces are on the way

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​what about through industry? gun shops obligations are insane, manufacturers will be run out of business .. how about awareness & call to action to representatives at state & national?

When do we challenge our own media to address the numerous issues with “letting this pass & wait to see what happens with braces”

GunFreedomRadio EP381 Aloha Gun Culture with Christy Kajiwara Gusman
477 subs

11.6K subs

Attorney Smackdown vs. Defending The 2A
@Armed Attorneys

– Lawyers are best in their lane, not attempting to do things outside their specialty.. therefore SAF, FPC have a place and fill a need in the greater fight, while ‘regular lawyers’ are the “rubber meeting the road”

Gun Owners Radio (Live)
@Gun Owners Radio
2.11K subs

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They have @Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane on LIVE

Ukraine – Gear Triage Complete
@James Yeager

Ukraine Mission – Debrief

Ukraine – Medicines Packed

Chris Costa Again???

Joe Biden Illegally Possessed “Ghost Gun”
@Guns & Gadgets
479K subs

The Browning and Winchester Separation
@The Williams Family Museum
606 subs

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Jennings Firearms J-22 Experience (Can You Make it Reliable?)
@Kash EDC
4.68K subs

Army Special Mission Unit Operator | Erick Miyares | Ep. 141
@The Team House
39.4K subs

CS#70: Navy SEAL & Marine Recon | DEVGRU | Skydiving Mt. Everest | Author | CEO | Mike Sarraille
@Combat Story
62.5K subs

Pot of Gold Auction Preview

Our Fourth Tactical Quiz !!
Check it out, join in next week & Play

Firearms Legal Protection – Comparing Concealed Carry Insurance in 2022 No. 7 of 9

Credit: YouTube/GunWebsites

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