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Using Closed Captions

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Welcome to Fire TV. In this video, we explain how to watch Prime Video movies or TV shows with Closed Captions on your Fire TV.

Closed Captions or Subtitles are the written depiction of what is being said and heard in a video. It is intended for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, or for anyone who might benefit from seeing what is being spoken and the sounds or actions in a movie or TV show. Closed Captions, or Subtitles, are synchronized to match the action in real time, allowing you to follow along and comprehend everything without sound.

To turn on Closed Captions, go to Fire TV *Settings*, then *Accessibility*, then choose *Closed Caption* and switch them from off to on.

This will activate Closed Captions for all movies or TV shows where the feature is available.

You can customize the font size, color, style and background of Closed Captions in Accessibility settings. However, your caption customizations will not work when using the High Contrast Text setting.

You can also turn on Closed Captions for specific streaming apps. Some apps may not have Closed Captions.

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To turn on or off Closed Captions for Prime Video, click the *Menu* button once while your movie or show is playing. Scroll up to *Subtitles*. Select English CC to turn them on or off and click the back button to return to the feature. You can also select a specific font size and style from the list of options.

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