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Twitter Puts A Hold Over Its Verification Program After Giving Fake Accounts Blue Checks

Image Source: Pixabay

**Twitter Suspending Verification Program Temporarily**
In a recent development, Twitter has decided to temporarily halt the expansion of its verification program due to the emergence of fake accounts that managed to obtain the coveted blue checkmark. The company aims to refine the review process and application criteria for the blue check to ensure that only authentic individuals receive this verification. For now, new applications for account verification will not be accepted.

**Understanding Twitter Verification**
Verification on Twitter involves granting users a distinctive blue checkmark, indicating the authenticity of the account as the official profile of the individual or entity. This verification symbol is commonly associated with accounts of prominent figures such as celebrities and athletes. If you have previously applied for verification, your application may still be pending review.

**Temporary Pause Announced**
A recent tweet from the official Twitter Verified account acknowledged the temporary halt in granting access to apply for verification. The company expressed its commitment to enhancing the application and review procedures. While recognizing the disappointment this may cause to applicants awaiting verification, Twitter emphasized the importance of refining the process to ensure accuracy.

**Maintaining Verification Criteria**
Twitter clarified that while adjustments will be made to enhance security measures, the fundamental criteria for verification will remain unchanged. These adjustments aim to strengthen the verification process and prevent misuse by unauthorized accounts attempting to gain verification status.

**Previous Instances of Pause**
This is not the first time Twitter has suspended its verification process. A similar pause occurred in 2017, following backlash over the verification of a controversial account associated with the ‘Unite The Right’ rally in Charlottesville. This pause reflects Twitter’s ongoing efforts to uphold the integrity of its verification program.

*Image Source: Pixabay*

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