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Twitter Is Reportedly Working On A Feature To Suggest Related Accounts

Image Source: Pixabay

Twitter has a new feature in the works that could make it easier for its users to follow the right people on the platform. Much like Facebook suggests friends you should connect with, the microblogging platform wants to suggest a list of related accounts on the profile page of someone you have just followed.

Twitter is testing “Suggested Follows”, a feature that offers an intriguing alternative to the current system for following accounts on the platform. As of now, when you tap “Follow” on a user’s profile page, you are instantly presented with a small list of accounts you also might want to follow.

Twitter explains that its accounts suggestions are based on a variety of factors, and are usually customized to our interests and online persona. In the case of suggested follows, however, it uses an algorithm to figure out the accounts that may be related to the profile you have just visited. So, if you have ever followed Drew McIntyre and wondered why a suggestion for Seth Rollins popped up, it’s the suggested follows feature picking up on the fact that you just followed a professional wrestler.

Conventionally, you have to tap on the suggested accounts one by one to follow them. It’s a painstaking process, which is why Twitter is testing this new feature, which will allow you to follow a whole group of suggested accounts altogether with a single tap. You may opt to remove those accounts that you don’t want to follow once you’ve added the entire group.

While this is clearly convenient for you as a browser, it will also make it easier for users to gain follows. It will help newcomers build networks of related interests faster, and existing users can easily expand their own connections.

Twitter says that the test is currently taking place on Android, but there is no knowing if the company is or will test it on iOS.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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