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Tvee One – Naturally Upgrade Your TV Sound

The list for HDTV audio slabs grows immensely on a daily basis. Boston Acoustics is one of the current manufacturers that has contributed to this rage. One of its latest innovations is the Tvee One.

The design is not as complicated as you would normally expect from a normal audio slab. It is big and flat and can even double as an HDTV raiser! The plain black slab measures 2.6 by 2.36 inches while weighing just 9.5 pounds.

The front and sides are wrapped around by metal grilles. Meanwhile, the speaker system itself is divided into a pair of ½ inched tweeters. In addition, the device houses a pair of 2 by 5 inch mid/subwoofers. These woofers face the front and are located behind the grille for additional protection.

On the other hand, the controls are conveniently placed on the top. You can easily access options like power, TV source, Bluetooth source, Mute and listening mode. The selected buttons light up magnificently and bring about an attractive outlook to the whole device. These aside, Tvee One offers 3.5 mm optical, coaxial and analog audio inputs at the back.

The sound system is quite clear and makes good use of the divided tweeters and woofers. Boston Acoustic’s Tvee One also offers sufficient force within a respectable range to provide an enjoyable listening experience. Unfortunately, the simulated sound is a bit lacking and does not provide the expansive feel that you would have expected from such strong speakers. The sound quality is, however, good and loud, easing the pain of having to pay $299 appearing on the speakers’ price tag.

The Verdict
The sound system is effective and functions variably. It is an affordable and convenient way of naturally upgrading your TV sound without having to fill your room or affecting visibility. However, it does have its shortcomings, so you should think long and hard before buying it.

Photo courtesy of Boston Acoustics

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