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TikTok Terminates Over 12 Million Videos From Pakistan

Image Source: Pixabay

According to TikTok, the 12 million videos were taken down in three months because they were violating TikTok’s community guidelines.

Short video hosting platform TikTok has reportedly removed over 12 million videos from Pakistan in just three months. According to an official statement released by TikTok, these videos were removed because of a violation of the community guidelines.

TikTok reported these figures in a recent Community Guidelines Enforcement Report report. TikTok, in the report, also mentioned details about the volume and nature of violative content on its platform and the number of accounts removed from the forum.

According to the report, Pakistan has the second-highest number of videos taken down by TikTok, with the first place going to the US, where almost 13 million videos were removed in the same period.

The 12 figure significantly improved from last quarter, where TikTok removed around 14 million videos on the platform, ranking Pakistan in the second position.

Data released by TikTok shows that 85,680,819 were removed from the platform during this quarter. A significant number, this only amounted to 0.6% of all the videos uploaded on the forum.

“A total of 46,836,047 videos were removed by automation, while 5,477,549 videos were restored,” said TikTok.

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“In addition to removing accounts for violating community guidelines, the platform also removed accounts determined to be spam, along with spam videos posted by those accounts,” TikTok added.

Going into details about video removals from Pakistan, TikTok mentioned that “Pakistan saw the removal of 12,628,267 videos for violating community guidelines in Q4 2022.”

“In Q4, 89.7% of the violent videos in Pakistan were removed before anyone could view them, and 95.5% of such videos were removed within a day. The proactive removal rate in Q4 2022 was 98.8%,” the report added.

Image Source: Pixabay

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