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TikTok Takes Down more than 12 Million Videos from Pakistan

Image Source: Pixabay

According to TikTok, over a span of three months, around 12 million videos were removed due to breaches of TikTok’s community guidelines.

Popular short video platform TikTok has recently eliminated over 12 million videos from Pakistan within just three months. According to an official statement by TikTok, these videos were deleted because they violated the platform’s community guidelines.

These statistics were disclosed in a recent Community Guidelines Enforcement Report by TikTok. The report also shed light on the amount and types of inappropriate content found on the platform and the number of accounts that were taken down.

As per the report, Pakistan ranks second in the number of videos removed by TikTok, with the United States holding the lead, where nearly 13 million videos were deleted in the same time frame.

This 12 million figure marks a significant improvement from the previous quarter, where TikTok took down approximately 14 million videos, positioning Pakistan in the second spot.

According to the data provided by TikTok, a notable 85,680,819 videos were eliminated from the platform during this specific quarter. Despite this substantial figure, these removals constituted only 0.6% of all the videos shared on the platform.

TikTok stated, “A total of 46,836,047 videos were removed through automated processes, while 5,477,549 videos were reinstated.”

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Furthermore, TikTok highlighted that, in addition to deleting accounts for violating community guidelines, the platform also erased accounts identified as spam, along with any spam videos that were uploaded by those accounts.

Zooming in on the video removals from Pakistan, TikTok specified that “12,628,267 videos were removed for breaching community guidelines in the fourth quarter of 2022.”

“During Q4, 89.7% of the offending videos in Pakistan were taken down before they could be viewed by anyone, and 95.5% of such videos were removed within a day. In Q4 of 2022, the rate of proactive removal reached 98.8%,” the report elaborated.

Image Source: Pixabay

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