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This Is How You Can Use Steam Proton To Play Windows Games On Linux!

# How to Utilize Steam Proton for Playing Windows Games on Linux!

Linux gaming has been continuously improving, thanks to the Proton compatibility layer. This layer translates DirectX commands intended for Windows into Vulkan-compatible instructions for Linux. This advancement allows over 16,000 games from the Steam library to be enjoyed on Linux.

Proton holds significant importance for Linux, especially with Valve’s plan to utilize it in their upcoming Steam Deck featuring Linux. But how can you effectively harness Steam Proton to play Windows games on Linux? Continue reading to discover more.

## How to Use Steam Proton for Playing Windows Games?

### Enabling the Proton

1. Launch the Steam application from the application menu.
2. In the top-left corner, click on **Steam** and then select **Settings**.

![Steam settings – how to use proton in linux](×700.jpg)

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3. In the side menu, locate and click on **Steam Play**.
4. Enable the options for **Enable Steam Play for supported titles** and **Enable Steam Play for all other titles**.

![enable steam play](×700.jpg)

Once Steam Play is activated, you can commence playing Windows games on Linux. Simply select a game from your Steam library, click on Install, and once the installation is complete, hit Play to start the game.

![CS: GO Manjaro](×587.jpg)

## Can I Install Non-Steam Games Using Proton?

Absolutely! You can add Non-Steam games to your Library within the Steam application. Here’s how:
1. Open Steam > Add Game (bottom left corner) > Add a Non-Steam game > Find your Game’s .exe file > Add Selected Programs.

For games on platforms like the Epic Games Launcher or Ubisoft Connect, you can utilize Wine along with front-ends such as Lutris or Play on Linux to install their launchers and games. If any games encounter issues, you can attempt running them with Proton following the previously mentioned steps.

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Unfortunately, games equipped with anti-cheat features like BattlEye and EAC are not compatible at the moment. Valve is collaborating with these anti-cheat developers to ensure that by the release of the Steam Deck, nearly all games on Steam will be playable.

What is your perspective on the current Linux gaming landscape? Share your thoughts and viewpoints in the comments.

**Image Source:** HowToGeek

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