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This is an Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

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Twitter, the popular social networking platform, has undergone various changes since Elon Musk took ownership.

With Twitter’s rebranding and API changes, many users are now searching for a way to leave the platform.

This guide will break down the steps to help you understand how to delete your Twitter account.

How to delete your Twitter profile

Before making any changes to your Twitter account, it’s a good idea to save an archive of your tweets to have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Follow these steps to save an archive of your tweets:

  1. Go to your Twitter settings
  2. Click on “Your account”
  3. Scroll down to the “Download your data” section
  4. Click on “Request archive”
  5. Enter your Twitter password and click on “Next”
  6. Twitter will send a verification code to your email or phone number. Enter the code and click on “Verify”
  7. Twitter will start processing your request, which may take a few minutes
  8. Once processed, you will receive an email with a link to download your archive

Once you have a backup of your tweets, you can proceed to permanently delete your Twitter account. Below are the methods to delete your account on different devices.

How to delete your Twitter account on mobile

First, sign into your Twitter account and tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner.


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  1. Scroll and select “Settings and Support” and choose “Settings and privacy”
  2. Navigate to “Your account” > “Deactivate your account”
  3. Tap on “Deactivate” and enter your password, then confirm by tapping “Deactivate”

Note: Deactivating your account starts the process of permanent deletion. Deactivation lasts 30 days. After that, your account and username will be permanently deleted. You can restore your account within 30 days if you change your mind.

How to delete your Twitter account on PC

Follow these steps to delete your account using a web browser on your computer:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on “More” on the left menu > “Settings and privacy”
  3. Under “Your Account,” click on “Deactivate your account”
  4. Confirm by clicking “Deactivate” after entering your password

Beware of third-party apps

Third-party apps can reactivate your Twitter account even if you have deactivated it. This is because they have access to your Twitter account credentials. To prevent this, you need to revoke third-party app access to your Twitter account.

Follow these steps to revoke third-party app permissions:

  1. Go to your Twitter settings
  2. Click on “Security and account access”
  3. Click on “Apps and sessions”
  4. Under “Connected apps,” you will see a list of apps with access to your Twitter account
  5. To revoke access, click on the “Revoke app permissions” button next to the app

By revoking access to all third-party apps, your Twitter account will no longer be reactivated by them. Once you have completed these steps, you can leave Twitter within 30 days.

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