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The Story Of The Ukrainian Technical Founder Who Reached Silicon Valley With A Sports Tech Innovation

28-year old Dariia Hordiiuk is a Ukrainian-born Machine Learning engineer who co-founded a company called AiSport. AiSport develops software that helps people avoid injuries, increase the effectiveness of their workout and save money on personal coaching. Passionate about technology since early childhood, Dariia had an interesting life journey.

She was born and raised in Kryvyi Rih, central Ukraine. At the age of 16, she moved to Dnipro, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and completed graduate school.

In 4th year of university, she joined EOSDA, which utilizes satellite imagery and a variety of sensors to help businesses around the world become more sustainable using innovative precision observation and data analytics tools. During her time at EOSDA, Dariia gained a lot of invaluable experience in applying math, machine learning, and computer science to build solutions for extracting buildings & roads, segmenting imagery, classifying and reconstructing 3D surface from UAV imagery. As a passionate researcher, she attended multiple Kaggle and other industry-specific competitions, where she was awarded several medals and distinctions.

Later in her career, Dariia moved to Kyiv and joined Captify, a Search Intelligence Platform that connects real-time searches from over 2 billion devices globally. During that time, she worked in the space of big data, developing machine learning models to measure campaign performance and optimize audience segments. For her distinguished work, Dariia was promoted to be a Chapter Lead for the Data Science team, where she lead the team to optimize the control and performance of running experiments, in order to maximize the efficiency with which the company could build scalable software and find solutions to future business challenges.

In 2021, Dariia founded AiSport along Anna Stepura. The company’s software provides real-time feedback that helps its users improve their workout performance, using only their mobile phone. As Dariia stated: “When I cofounded AiSport, the 2 biggest passions of my life came together: Machine Learning and Sport. That’s why I have endless motivation to push the company forward and ensure that the company is building the best product and services for its customers.”

Dariia’s story took a very interesting turn in 2022. 2 days before the war in Ukraine started, Dariia and Anna joined Alchemist Accelerator, which focuses on accelerating the development of early-stage ventures whose primary clients are other enterprises. Her acceptance into Alchemist Accelerator and her ardent passion for software, made Dariia move to San Francisco, where she can further enable AiSport to develop further innovation. “Having a personal coach is quite expensive and sometimes complicated. We want to democratize technique correction, making it accessible to everyone. Your personal AI Coach is here for you anytime, anywhere.” said Dariia.

Currently, AiSport is in the middle of a fundraising round, which will allow it to further build innovative products for the fitness and weightlifting industries.

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Article written by Alla Noschenko

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