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The Story of the Microsoft Global Hackathon

The Microsoft Global Hackathon is a company-wide, multi-day, global event produced by The Microsoft Garage that brings employees from all over the world together to create, innovate, and hack on ideas that inspire them. It’s the largest private hackathon on the planet.​

The Hackathon began in 2014 when then-new CEO Satya Nadella tasked the nascent Garage to create an experience for every employee to put the growth mindset into action. Every year since, The Garage has produced the virtual and in-person event, now hosted on its innovation platform, HackBox Enterprise. People from across the company, with full support of senior leadership, continue to embrace the opportunity to work on innovative ideas in technologies, topics, causes, and solutions of their choosing.

Hackathon outcomes have included new products, new features, new and creative uses for existing technologies, impactful approaches and solutions to social issues, individual learning and skilling activities, and numerous other results with personal and business value. Hacking culture has evolved as the new way of working at Microsoft.

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