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The First Network of Robotic Telescopes Across Five Continents Is Now Operational

The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalucia (IAA), a part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), has launched the BOOTES Network. BOOTES, which stands for Burst Observer and Optical Transient Exploring System, is the first network of robotic telescopes spanning five continents, with stations in Spain, China, New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa.

What is Included in the Network?

The BOOTES Network comprises an automated system that collects data from various instruments worldwide, continuously monitoring the sky and providing observations from satellites and missions.

Insights on the BOOTES Network

After nearly 25 years since the first station was set up in 1998 at INTA in Huelva, BOOTES has achieved significant success. It is a pioneering robotic network with a presence on all continents, managed by IAA-CSIC and involving the University of Malaga along with collaborations with international and Spanish institutions.

What is the Network’s Purpose?

The primary goal of the BOOTES network is to observe transient sources and provide an automated real-time response for their characterization.

Significance of this Deployment

The successful deployment of the network on a modest budget and with a small team marks a significant achievement. With four stations in the Northern Hemisphere and three in the Southern Hemisphere, the network ensures efficient detection of transient sources.

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