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The Coolest PC Hardware Trends of 2024 into 2025

PC hardware is getting a bit boring but there are some pretty cool changes that are coming later this year and into 2025. That includes a move to 3D Vapor Chambers for air coolers, curved screens for AIO’s, finally some different case colors and a general price decrease for AIO’s. Of course there’s a lot more like CAMM2 modules too.

0:00 – We Couldn’t Show you Everything
0:30 – FINALLY New Colors
1:31 – AIO Screen Madness
2:00 – LCP Fan Issues get SOLVED
2:31 – New Case Materials are Coming!
4:01 – PSU Silence from Noctua
4:41 – Case Modification WITHOUT Complication
5:39 – 3DVC Becomes Mainstream
7:07 – The $100 AIO with an LCD Screen
8:22 – The CAMM2 Discussion


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Credit: YouTube/Hardware Canucks

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