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Stop Flying Over My House – WAN Show July 29, 2023

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:43 Intro
2:45 Topic #1 – House insurance dropped as restoring a car is a “hazard”
4:12 Photos taken via drones, rejected insurance due to wildfire risk
5:29 Linus steals an LTX pass
6:22 Sven hasn’t made a claim in 15 years ft. Luke’s Californians burn
7:03 Insurer’s idiotic claims, Linus on owning airspace
9:10 Topic #2 – ESRB wants to age-scan faces
10:38 Scans won’t disallow children to download restricted games
11:18 Epic Games’s $275M penalty for violating COPPA
12:13 Linus asks LTX about information, photos & “samples”
13:12 Discussing solutions, information & rated content
16:28 Luke on parental control, Linus’s children
21:26 Linus’s sons’ comedic delivery, Linus’s thoughts
23:43 ESRB’s function, Linus’s chat with a past female LTX attendant
27:44 Merch Messages #1 ft. Go with the flow Dan
29:07 Make the audience crack their fingers
29:36 Ever had trouble with securing a trademark or web domain?
33:13 Did you grow up watching Computer Chronicles on PBS?
34:33 Linus’s lambo update, derby idea
39:26 Most difficult part of LTX to plan? ft. Colton
40:48 Linus on the terrible-ness of the news
41:20 Topic #3 – HounGounGagne’s video on CS:GO
43:14 Lack of licenses & verification of CS gambling sites
44:37 Linus on perceiving gambling, Luke’s history with a slot machine
47:28 Linus understands why people bet, thoughts on mobile games
51:18 Robux casinos can be cashed out for real currencies
52:46 Winner of the Motherboard’s House of Cards
53:14 FP’s suggestion on gambling for WAN Show
54:20 Topic #4 – is rebranding to X
54:52 “er” sign, stealing @X handle, Luke thought it was a joke
57:10 The “everything” app, Linus on naming schemes
1:01:38 Sponsor – I Am Tim Corey
1:03:48 Sponsor – Squarespace
1:04:53 Sponsor – The Ridge ft. The WAN Show Writer, Ridge LTX edition
1:08:06 Topic #5 – ChatGPT Creator launches Worldcoin
1:10:50 Pictures of the Worldcoin Orb
1:12:02 Topic #6 – ChatGPT worsens due to interactions
1:14:26 Interviewing the motherboard winner
1:15:46 Merch Messages #2
1:15:54 How fun is doing The WAN Show with a live audience? ft. Wave, “take it off,” charity
1:23:46 Dan’s habit with the mic
1:24:37 Is FP coming over to TV streamers? ft. LMG is hiring, bingo
1:25:56 Got any Labs updates? any big projects in the pipeline? ft. Upgrade, bingo
1:37:56 Speculations about Linus’s rating to ASUS in secret shopper
1:43:47 Topic #7 – Tesla’s battery report falsifies range
1:44:16 Tesla is in LTX, Linus doesn’t give shiz anymore
1:45:31 Topic #8 – Google proposes DRM for websites
1:47:30 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark
1:47:50 What’s the best selling desk pad at LTX?
1:49:35 How long until Apple makes a folding phone?
1:51:48 What is the most frantic last-minute work you had to do for an LTX before?
2:03:05 Basement gaming computers update?
2:04:16 Has Linus or Luke ever shot a gun while visiting the U.S.?
2:06:30 Is there a limit as to how big you want LTX to grow?
2:07:01 Tips for post convention & expo depression?
2:08:00 Know any poor timing for ads or sponsors?
2:09:20 What is your favorite part of working with each other?
2:11:42 Favorite memory from creating a video or working on a project?
2:14:45 How does it feel to have nearly all big tech creators at LTX?
2:15:07 Proudest & jankiest solution that made everyone baffled?
2:16:22 Helpful tips on traveling with your tech?
2:18:16 When can we download videos on FP?
2:19:08 Extended kernel project? Do you think old versions can get community updates?
2:21:17 Is there going to be a tux plush? LTT themed mini figures?
2:22:58 Outro

Credit: YouTube/Linus Tech Tips

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