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How To Record Your Screen Using Quicktime

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Record your screen with Quicktime.

By now most internet surfers have seen videos of a computer screen being used as part of a tutorial.  This is the easiest way to provide instructions on something that may be a little technical or confusing.  Visual aids have always been known as great learning tools and today we are going to show you how to record your computer screen for use in a video tutorial.

Quicktime is an Apple video player application which is built into the Mac OS X.  Quicktime is a free mac screen recorder and works extremely well.  PC users can also download and use Quicktime for free by clicking here.

The recording quality of the screen is above average and you also have the ability to record audio at the same time.  Once the recording is complete, you then have the option to save the file as a “.mov” recording.  You can easily import this file to your iMovie or Final Cut Pro X project or simply upload it to YouTube.

Once downloaded, follow these instructions to record your screen:

1.  Open Quicktime Player

2.  Click File

3.  Click New Screen Recording

using quicktime to record your screen.

Using Quicktime to record your screen.

4. A black Quicktime box will appear on your screen with a white and red circle in it. Click the circle. To add audio to your Quicktime recording, click the down arrow to the right of your white and red circle. Then select the microphone you wish to use.

using quicktime to record your screen

Click the white and red circle to record your screen.

5. A message will appear asking you to click to record the full screen, drag to record part of the screen and press the stop icon on your menu bar to end the recording.  Click anywhere to commence recording.  See image below to on how to end the recording.

using quicktime to record your screen

Press the stop icon to end the recording.

6.  Once you click the Stop icon, your video will appear on your screen.  If you are satisfied with the outcome, click File and Save.

And that’s it!  In a few days we will be adding a video tutorial on recording your screen using the steps above.  Keep in mind that whoever is viewing your video may have difficulty following your cursor on the screen.  They will also not know what you clicked or when you clicked it.  To solve this, I suggest you download “Pinpoint” and “Did I Click” on the Apple App store.  I use them both at the same time so viewers have a clear site of my cursor and when I click the mouse.  It even has an audio option which creates a sound whenever the mouse is clicked.  It’s pretty useful so check it out.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below pertaining to our article on recording your screen.

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