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Pretending I Endorse Your Product Is Fraud – WAN Show August 4, 2023

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
0:48 Intro
1:37 Topic #1 – Baldur’s Gate 3 released ft. FP poll
3:18 Second highest concurrent players on Steam
4:38 FP poll results, past RPG experiences ft. Star Wars
18:41 Baldur’s Gate 3’s success, movie ratings, upcoming games
20:51 Topic #2 – Anker’s eufy refuses removing Linus’s face
22:28 X/Tweet of Linus’s quote, Luke’s points
24:50 A Chinese company V.S. an American site
25:51 Merch Messages #1
27:08 Has Linus seen the Fly Me To The Moon AI cover?
28:48 Wisdom on why standardization fails/succeeds in tech?
33:07 University education’s importance for getting into the tech industry?
38:16 FP’s comment on parents, work ethics
39:12 Topic #3 – Twitch changes gambling restrictions
39:56 Twitch prohibits sponsorships, recalling past WAN Show
40:52 Valve’s C&D, gambling is bannable, Valve directly profits
41:48 CS:GO knives, Steam users money spent on gambling
43:51 $15M blue gem knife offer, recalling Jack Dorsey’s first tweet
45:10 Discussing gambling, xQc’s “react” content
49:53 LMG’s react channel, “who owns my react content?” Fair Use
1:07:30 Anker removes Linus after WAN Show call out
1:08:24 Sponsor – Squarespace ft. Dennis spots
1:08:31 Sponsor – Backblaze
1:10:45 Sponsor – Vessi
1:11:31 Giveaway – Asetek x Blue Horse Studios LTX 2023
1:11:50 Anker did NOT remove Linus from sites
1:13:33 Linus on “recruiting” bug checking through the community
1:34:02 Luke opens a creator’s gift for Linus
1:37:38 Linus aggressively gifts the gift to Dan
1:39:20 Luke opens more gifts, thanking Rodd, Linus’s unpredictability
1:46:14 Luke trolls everyone ft. Topic #4 – U.S. Government’s NDAA
1:47:36 Linus mutes Luke, LTTStore’s new RGB shirt
1:49:03 Indoor hoodie back in stock
1:50:35 NSA expresses concerns, selling/buying information
1:53:12 Merch Messages #2
1:53:24 Was Linus nervous during LTX 2023 WAN Show?
1:56:37 How has Luke handled difficult personalities as CTO?
2:00:21 Was LTX 2023 as successful as you hoped?
2:15:04 Dan offers ice cream, Luke recalls fruit roll ups & ice cream
2:17:35 Trying out fruit roll ups ice cream combo
2:19:50 Topic #5 – Labs’ Tim response causes controversy
2:35:08 Topic #6 – Xbox’s repairable controllers parts
2:38:16 Topic #7 – China’s limits on childrens’ web access
2:39:26 Topic #8 – DMUG’s review on LTT’s backpack
2:40:46 X redirects to now, Apple allows rename
2:42:12 Topic #9 – Linus reacts to Ludwig’s reaction to Linus
2:44:22 Linus’s game choices to go against Ludwig
2:58:03 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark
2:59:19 Would Luke make a self-made recipe book?
3:01:10 How would Direct Storage change GPU architecture?
3:02:16 Thoughts on Microsoft pushing ARM adaption?
3:03:18 Luke Goes Places new series idea
3:05:57 Linus’s review with his current monitor
3:06:50 Does Luke push back on Linus’s unrealistic requests?
3:08:57 Insights on how LMG approaches creating products
3:11:18 Does LMG plan to make videos on IT struggles & practices?
3:12:05 The SNES game would Linus play for the rest of his life?
3:13:35 Weird areas of IT you want to learn more about?
3:15:28 Would a female applying to a job with a fake male name be a deal breaker for you?
3:18:05 Has Luke tried the other Star Wars systems?
3:19:12 Game companies that do old legacy games right?
3:21:09 What are some of your favorite small victories?
3:24:03 Is Yvonne getting Anker stuff a Linus V.S. LMG thing?
3:24:54 Why do two people call each other, they mark themselves unavailable?
3:26:20 Would you be more open to free shipping with better margins?
3:27:24 Coolest thing you had to sign on LTX 2023?
3:28:32 Which challenge stands out as your favorite?
3:32:12 Games you’re fond of released before you were born that take you back?
3:33:16 Would the new gen billionaires have super gaming systems?
3:34:09 Precision screwdriver ETA?
3:34:29 Outro

Credit: YouTube/Linus Tech Tips

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