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Pavilion X2 Hybrid: Budget Tablet-Hybrid From HP

Hewlett Packard has redesigned its stock product, the Pavilion X2 Hybrid, presenting it as a low-cost value for money laptop device for the constant traveling individuals and budget audience. The 10.1-inch touch screen can be connected to a detachable keyboard with a magnetic hinge, rendering the hook-and-latch system obsolete. The magnetic latch has been introduced as a stock feature in multiple tablet-hybrids as well.

Physical Features
The Pavilion X2 Hybrid is composed of plastic entirely. The back is dark grey, the shade named Ash Silver by HP. The Pavilion is quite heavy, weighing around 590 grams whilst iPad Air 2 weighs 437 grams and Samsung Galaxy weighs 470 grams. HP’s tablet weights 920 grams with a keyboard attached. The tablet is for landscape use only. The speakers are concealed in the middle. Then there’s the pricing difference as well.

The device is available in red, white and silver colors. It is equipped with an Intel Atom processor, which works great with Windows 8 and even runs HD video fine. With 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage space, it’s a steal for most budget users. Outside Apple’s ecosystem, it is the first system to feature USB C port for charging and data. Apart from that, there is a USB 2.0 port, Micro SD port and HDMI port.

The laptop is custom installed with Windows 8. It can be upgraded to Windows 10, a relatively plain and easy procedure. The tech corporation has released its HP Pavilion X2 Hybrid laptops featuring a 10-inch detachable screen. With the help of a magnetic latch, the Pavilion X2 instantly connects the screen with the keyboard. The laptop can be oriented in different ways.

A Steal Deal
The HP Pavilion X2 feels quite the next-budget product. Packed with its quad-core Atom processor, it won’t impress the tech fans much, but priced at just $300, it feels quite affordable for a detachable Windows laptop. As per HP’s claim, it can run for 11 hours straight whilst playing 1080p video.

Photo courtesy: HP

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