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Oppo’s ColorOS 12 Privacy Control Features & Demonstration

Image Source: Unsplash
Oppo participated in Google’s Android 12 Developer Preview and announced ColorOS 12, based on the latest Android version. ColorOS 12 integrates Android 12’s Privacy Dashboard, showing app access to camera, mic, or GPS with on-screen indicators. It offers settings to use ‘approximate location’ instead of exact one for apps.

Oppo enhanced privacy controls with the Permissions manager, tracking apps accessing sensitive data and the frequency of access. ColorOS 12 also strips metadata from images and videos to prevent revealing location, device, settings, and timestamp when shared online.

New features in ColorOS 12

ColorOS 12 brings a cleaner interface, a card layout with rich information, and customizable widgets. It introduces Omoji avatars similar to Apple’s Memoji for iOS. The firmware adds the feature to connect Oppo phones to PCs for screen and keyboard management, clipboard sharing, file editing, notifications viewing, and data transfer, similar to the ScrCpy open-source tool.

The Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 in ColorOS 12 enhances animations, transitions, and overall performance. A demo video showing the operating system can be viewed on the official page.

ColorOS 12 also introduces the Smart sidebar for quick shortcuts during tasks like video conferencing, video watching, or screen sharing.

OnePlus devices in China to get ColorOS 12

OnePlus merged OxygenOS with ColorOS to streamline development, assuring OxygenOS will remain stock Android-like outside China. OnePlus devices in China will transition to ColorOS, starting with ColorOS 12, providing similar features to Oppo devices.

ColorOS 12 rollout on Oppo devices begins in October 2021 and will continue in the following months.

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Note: The source page is in Chinese with image content, translated using Yandex Translate’s OCR tool.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21, you can join the One UI 4.0 Beta Program to test Android 12. Google is preparing for the Android 12 release, rumored to be announced on October 4th.

Image Source: Unsplash

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