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OnePlus Is Unveiling a New Operating System by Fusion of OxygenOS and ColorOS

Image Source: Pixabay

A while back, OnePlus and Oppo disclosed their plan to combine the codebase of their custom Android interfaces, OxygenOS and ColorOS. This move was aimed at easing the workload for developers and enhancing efficiency. Initially, this decision raised eyebrows among many OnePlus fans.

In response to concerns, OnePlus’ co-founder Pete Lau reassured users that this consolidation would be advantageous for both brands. He clarified that OnePlus phones worldwide will continue to operate on OxygenOS, whereas devices in China will switch to ColorOS. The ColorOS 12 webpage (in China) has listed several eligible OnePlus devices for the upcoming firmware.

To address ongoing worries among fans, Lau made a significant announcement on the company’s forum today. The post covers product strategy, pricing, and a specific focus on enhancing the camera experience on their devices. Crucially, it also touches upon the future of OxygenOS. It appears that the stock-like operating system that garnered tech enthusiasts’ interest in the brand is undergoing some changes, for better or for worse.

The forthcoming flagship phone from OnePlus, set for release in 2022, will be the first device to come with the new operating system. This likely means that the rumored OnePlus 9T won’t hit the market this year, attributing this delay to the global chip shortage affecting electronics production worldwide.

Of particular interest is OnePlus’s commitment to unveiling a major Android update in 2022 with the new integrated OS. Devices currently running OxygenOS will transition to this new Android interface. However, the specific release date for this update remains undisclosed.

Considering that the development teams have already merged, as per the recent announcement, it seems unlikely that an OxygenOS update with Android 12 will precede another update for the new integrated OS. This approach would pose a significant challenge for developers and contradict the supposed streamlining of efforts within the OS team. As mentioned previously, the new OS is confirmed to debut with Android 12.

As for the name and features of the new integrated OS, OnePlus has not yet divulged these details. The official statement mentions that the new OS will be “fast and smooth, clean and lightweight, reliable, smart and feature-rich.” The description is somewhat obscure, leaving room for uncertainty regarding its exact nature. Hopefully, users can anticipate a stock-like experience akin to OxygenOS with additional top-of-the-line features, devoid of ads or bloatware. Time will tell how this transformation unfolds.

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On a positive note, OnePlus affirms that users will retain the ability to unlock the bootloader, enabling them to install a custom ROM if they are dissatisfied with the new OS.

Image Source: Pixabay

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