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NHT SuperBud Earphones

NHT is a globally renowned company known for creating some of the best quality speakers available in the market though this is the first time they have ventured on to create earphones. The NHT superbud earphones have been lauded by its critics for their high quality performance. Furthermore, here are some details about this item:

The earphones come in a cannabis-themed packaging, though besides the packaging feature the headphones are completely drug free and feature aluminum-clad housings. In terms of overall appearance, this earphone resembles many others, but can be differentiated due to the comfort it provides to its user.
An important feature regarding the design of these headphones is that every wearer is bound to hear a different sound when wearing it. This is because the length and shape of the ear canal varies from person to person, thus affecting the perceived response, especially in bass frequencies. Not wearing the earphones properly will result in you hearing different bass frequencies. You might hear a thin or a heavy bass sound. Plus, the item’s braided cord facilitates its durability and cannot be easily tangled

Features and Specifications
The NHT superbud earphone consists of 2-way coaxial dynamic drivers that can provide superior sound.. The earphones are compatible with smartphones and also contain an in-line mic. It has a multipurpose button that facilitates the functions of call and music control. Furthermore, the web page of the device offers a free equalizer app for Android and iPhone devices users.
NHT offers several accessories to its customers upon the purchase of this headphone. This includes five sets of latex ear tips, Comply T-200’s two sets of memory foam tips and five sets of latex ear tips. The company also offers a one year limited warranty as well.

All in all, this item is appreciated by the critics due to its overall features. It comes in a beautiful design and is also compatible. And because of its many benefits and features, it can be deemed as an excellent choice for all categories of users, especially those who intend to use it with their smartphones.

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