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Netgear Arlo Pro 2: Smart Home Security Camera

You cannot finish off the idea of smart-living without installing a top-notch security camera. It would not be wrong to claim that a home security camera has become a necessity to keep an eye on each activity happening around in your absence. You can find various options on the market. However, you need something reliable when it comes to security. That is where you should invest in Netgear Arlo Pro 2.

It is available in two and four camera-bundles allowing you to choose how many cameras are required to ensure your safety. Netgear is equipped with jaw-dropping features that make it stand out amongst competitors. The company offers a basic plan that includes free cloud backup for seven days. It sports a weatherproof design, wired or wireless functioning along with robust geofencing and scheduling capabilities.

The base station of Arlo Pro 2 contains two prominent advantages. First, it provides efficient wireless communication with the cameras. It connects with your router directly via Ethernet. Secondly, it’s fantastic battery life – the juice can last up to six months – depending on the amount of camera activity. You will get 100-plus decibel siren and two USB ports to connect external hard drives.

Moreover, Netgear retains your footage in the cloud. It stays secure in there for a week whereas most security camera offers only 24-hours basic plan. Despite two-way audio, night vision, sound and motion detection, Arlo Pro 2 offers a combination of scheduling and geofencing keeping you aware of your surrounding 24/7 with Full HD 1080p camera.

It offers simple brightness slider as well which works like an exposure compensation dial on the Netgear allowing you to set the brightness up or down to retrieve high-quality image. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Arlo Pro 2 features Amazon Alexa supporting smart devices available at your home. You can watch the footage on an Amazon Fire-Connected TV or Amazon Echo Show.

Photo by: Netgear

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