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Microsoft Windows 11 Update Schedule Propels Itself Into The Future

One of the key aspects to ship with Windows 11 22H2 is the confirmation of the rumor Ghacks first reported back in July, which is that Microsoft is returning to launching a new version of Windows every three years. This put a halt to the yearly feature update cycle we had been led to believe would take Windows 11 forward, replacing it with a newer “Moment” update cycle. It now looks like there may be at least three more Windows Moment Updates in development, which could possibly mean all Moment updates leading up to Windows 12 may already be slated for development.

We recently saw the launch of the Moment 1 update, which shipped in October with key features including File Explorer Tabs, Suggested Actions, a Taskbar overflow option, improvements to the Photos app, and more. Moment 2 has already been confirmed as in development by Windows Insiders and is due for launch early next, as well as the Moments moniker also being confirmed as the internal point of reference at Microsoft for the updates.

Since those reports broke, news has also been leaked of a rumored Moments 3 update being on Microsoft’s release schedule although there has been no confirmation of the proposed timeframes for its release. The internal test IDs for the updates, however, which ended up on Twitter clearly indicated the third ID.

Interestingly, a fourth ID has now also been leaked by the same Windows Insider researcher who broke the news of the third Moments ID.

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This means that we could be seeing here the test development schedule for all the remaining Moments updates that will take us to Windows 12. On the other hand, however, there is also a chance, as has been commented on by the leaker himself, that the speed with which these test IDs are being generated means they are for tests of something completely different and don’t refer to future Moments updates at all. The key to watch out for here is whether a fifth test ID is added to the schedule sometime soon. If that happens, the likelihood of these being test-scheduling IDs for future Windows 11 updates becomes less likely.

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