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Microsoft Is Changing The Future Of Copilot In Windows 11

Image Source: gguy / Shutterstock

Microsoft is making changes to the future of Copilot in Windows 11, which might not meet the expectations of users looking for improved features.

Initially presented as a tool using AI to manage specific features of Windows 11, Copilot had limited functionalities, leading users to hope for enhancements in the future.

However, users found Copilot to be slow on Windows and relied heavily on server interactions for each task.

Now, Microsoft is scaling back by removing the specialized Windows controls that were previously available in Copilot.

The latest Windows 11 insider build for the Beta channel brings a significant update to Copilot.

Key Points:

  • Microsoft is replacing Copilot’s integration in Windows 11 with a standalone app.
  • This new app acts as a web-wrapper, offering both advantages and disadvantages.
  • However, it lacks deep integration with Windows 11.
  • Users can now easily move and resize the Copilot window with the new app.
  • The process to uninstall Copilot has been made simpler.

Essentially, the unique Windows-specific controls are no longer available. For example, requesting Copilot to enable battery saver will now provide manual instructions suitable for both Windows 10 and 11, removing the previously promised unique Windows 11 feature.

Additionally, the updated Copilot does not differentiate between the operating systems when providing instructions.

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The functionality of the new Copilot closely resembles its web version, offering a similar chat experience.

Reasons Behind Microsoft’s Decision

Microsoft explains that transitioning to a web-based wrapper allows for more development flexibility and the ability to cater experiences based on user feedback. However, specific details are lacking, and the statement appears to be more geared towards marketing rather than technical enhancements.

The timeline for implementing this change in the stable version of Windows 11 remains uncertain. It might be included in the Windows 11 version 24H2 release later this year.

Final Thoughts

While future updates could potentially reintroduce controls or improve existing ones, the likelihood appears low for now. Microsoft seems to have acknowledged the limited use of Copilot’s features, leading to these modifications.

On a positive note, removing Copilot from Windows 11 now is a straightforward process, providing users with more control.

Image Source: gguy / Shutterstock

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