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Linux Lite 5.6 Released Officially With Some Amazing Updates

**Linux Lite 5.6 Released Officially With Some Amazing Updates**

The initial release candidate for Linux Lite 5.6 was unveiled in July. Finally, the stable version is now out, packed with numerous enhancements and new features.

Linux Lite caters to users with older PCs by offering a lightweight distribution that can operate on almost any aged computer.

**Linux Lite 5.6: What’s New?**

One of the notable updates in this release is an enhanced Help Manual tailored for beginners. Additionally, the Papirus icon theme has also received an update.

Lite Tweaks has introduced two new features. There is a new “Pay what you want” model, similar to that of ElementaryOS, where users have the option to contribute an amount for the download link. However, setting the amount to ‘0’ still allows access to the download link.

The operating system now features seven new wallpapers, defaults to Python3, and includes various improvements and bug fixes.

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Users can now directly install Linux Lite from the welcome window. Lite Tweaks now comes bundled with Brave Browser.

Linux Lite 5.6 is based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 and Linux Kernel 5.4.0-81, with custom kernels ranging from 3.13 to 5.14 available in the Linux Lite repository. Applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC, and Gimp have all been updated. For more details, refer to the official release announcement.

*Image Source: Linux Lite*

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