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Linux-Based PinePhone CE With PostmarketOS Is Now Available

PINE64, the company behind PinePhone smartphones, recently announced the upcoming Community Edition (CE) of PinePhone that will run a full version of postmarketOS. Following this announcement, PINE64 has started accepting pre-orders for the new PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition (CE).

The intriguing feature of this new model is the introduction of the PinePhone “Convergence Package.” In addition to the standard community edition, customers can now pre-order another variant of the PinePhone CE that includes the Convergence Package.

The typical PinePhone with postmarketOS has similar specifications to its predecessors, the PinePhone Braveheart and PinePhone CE with Ubuntu Touch, offering 2GB RAM and 16GB of flash storage.

However, the new PinePhone model comes with the Convergence Package for the first time, offering enhanced features and specifications. This includes an increased RAM (3GB instead of 2GB), storage capacity (32GB eMMC instead of 16GB), and a compatible USB-C dock.

The USB Type-C dock allows users to charge the PinePhone, output digital video, and connect with external peripherals like monitors, mice, or keyboards. With features such as USB-C power-in, HDMI, ethernet, and two USB ports, users can transform their Linux-based PinePhone into a desktop computer.

Customers interested in the additional features will need to pay an extra approximately $50. The standard edition is priced at $149 USD, while the version with the “convergence package” costs $199 USD.

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Where To Buy PinePhone?

Before discussing how to purchase the new PinePhone postmarketOS CE, it’s essential to note that the PinePhone CE is not yet fully suitable for daily use. Both the PinePhone hardware and the Linux-based mobile postmarketOS software are still in active development.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy the PinePhone only if you are a Linux enthusiast who is willing to test, experiment, and contribute to the PinePhone project. While the PinePhone supports essential functions like calls, SMS, LTE, and GPS, it cannot currently replace your iPhone or Android smartphone.

If you have decided to purchase a PinePhone, visit the PINE64 shop and place your order for the PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition. Shipments are expected to begin in late August 2020.

Image Source: Foss Bytes

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