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Latest Firmware Upgrade for HP ProBook Leads to Serious Technical Issues

Image Source: HJBC / Shutterstock

The HP ProBook 455 G7’s most recent BIOS firmware release in May 2024 is causing turmoil among owners, as a multitude have reported to the HP Support forum post-update complications.

We are still waiting for an official statement from HP, but existing information suggests that customers with non-warranty devices might be dealing with the cost burden of replacing motherboards. Notably popular in the business sector and with individual users, the ProBook was introduced in 2020, and as such, several units are now outside the warranty period.

Quick Fact: You can update BIOS through a variety of approaches including Windows Update, specialized support applications, or hands-on methods, potentially enhancing performance or adding features and fixes.

A community member using the username ProBookUser61 was the first to report issues on May 26th, 2024, after their notebook became unresponsive with a black screen and an excessively loud cooling fan noise following the update.

Attempts to enter the BIOS setup were unsuccessful. ProBookUser61 deduced that the BIOS file’s size exceeded that which the BIOS chip could handle, and also it was not aligned with established UEFI BIOS standards, suggesting the file was flawed.

A chain of complaints from other uses followed suit, some referring to BIOS obtained directly from HP’s site and others through an automatic Windows Update. Regardless of the source, the outcome was the same – a rendered unusable ProBook.

Due to the lack of communication from HP on the forum, customers are stuck without clear direction. Individuals reaching out to HP’s support have encountered motherboard replacement quotes for as much as €400 for devices not safeguarded by warranty.

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Final Remarks

The current debacle puts HP’s pre-release testing practices into question, highlighting the potential neglect in ensuring the BIOS update was thoroughly checked on actual ProBook laptops. With such fundamental issues like incorrect file size and formatting, there was a clear miss in the testing phase.

The absence of an official explanation from HP has left their clientele in a state of uncertainty and discontent. Feelings of mistrust can easily push consumers away.

Pro Tip: Addressing problems that you’ve caused is essential in maintaining trust.

Image Source: HJBC / Shutterstock

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