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Kevin Roose, Tech Columnist, Podcast Host, and Author

Kevin Roose is a technology columnist for The New York Times covering technology innovation, including AI. He’s also the author of three books: his latest, Futureproof, is a “guide to surviving the technological future,” including nine rules to help people more confidently navigate a machine-filled world. In this episode, Roose discusses how he developed an interest in technology at a young age, how he became a journalist and an author (and how technology has impacted both industries), what it’s like writing about AI right now, and the importance of media and journalism to hold companies accountable.

0:00 – 3:58 Introduction
3:59 – 6:32 Growing up with the internet
6:33 – 10:36 The internet of the 90s vs today
10:37 – 11:35 Web tools and text editors
11:36 – 13:28 Getting started in journalism
13:29 – 17:08 Tech’s impact on the news industry
17:09 – 23:24 Public scrutiny in journalism
23:25 – 31:13 On podcasting, social media and personal brands
31:08 – 36:10 The role of media and journalism with AI
36:11 – 39:18 Kevin’s experience with Bing Chat
39:19 – 42:59 Importance of feedback and responsible AI
43:00 – 44:41 Kevin’s hobbies
44:42 – 51:41 Episode recap

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