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KaOS 2020.09 Released Officially And It Seems To The Best Independent KDE Linux Distribution

Following the monthly development cycle, KaOS team has finally released a new Stable ISO, KaOS 2020.09. Superseding the previous v2020.07, the latest version 2020.09 comes with major software package updates, KDE Applications 20.08, and Linux 5.7.

For those who don’t know, KaOS is an independent rolling Linux distribution built from scratch. It mainly focusses on one desktop environment (KDE), one toolkit (QT), and one architecture (x86_64).

KaOS 2020.09: What’s New?

Software And Core Package Updates

Being a rolling distribution, KaOS 2020.09 has upgraded packages for the Plasma Desktop, which include KDE Frameworks 5.74.0, Plasma 5.19.5, and KDE Applications 20.08.1. Among other packages, KaOS has also updated its base components such as:

  • Python3 3.8.5
  • ICU 67.1
  • Boost 1.73.0
  • Systemd 246
  • Git 2.28.0
  • LLVM/Clang 10 (10.0.1)
  • Opencv 4.4.0
  • Gstreamer 1.18.0
  • Poppler 20.9.0
  • Mesa 20.1.8
  • NetworkManager 1.26.2
  • Perl 5.30.3
  • Xorg-server 1.20.9
  • Linux 5.7.19
  • Qt 5.15.1

Furthermore, it has introduced two new applications such as Kdiff3 for comparing and merging two or three text input files or folders and the Keysmith for two-factor authentication (2FA).

KaOS installer

KaOS has already started to use a new module rewritten in QML like a keyboard and Locale module in the previous v2020.07.

Continuing to move modules to QML, the new release features a complete rewritten Locale module with a real live, accurate map. You can now select an accurate location using a real-world map.


As in the previous v2020.07, KaOS moved its theming system from QtCurve to Kvantum for the application style, the new release has now touched upon the theme of other elements.

For instance, SDDM theme gets better contrast and a completely new theme for the systemd-bootloader to replace the standard black background with a well-integrated option with the rest of the Midna theme.

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How To Upgrade Or Install KaOS 2020.09?

If you’re already using KaOS, you can simply upgrade your package to reach the latest version 2020.09 by running a command:

sudo pacman -Syu

However, if you want a fresh installation from scratch, download the ISO images from the official site here.

KaOS 2020.09

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