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Introducing Snapchat After Dark: Connect with Your Friends in an Unfiltered Way

Image Source: rafapress / Shutterstock

Snapchat has launched a new feature called Snapchat After Dark, which was initially announced at the Snap Partner Summit in April. This feature aims to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for users after 8 pm.

Snapchat After Dark caters to users’ desire for personalized and less-polished content sharing, particularly among young people. The goal is to enhance the feeling of connectivity and shared experiences among friends.

What is Snapchat After Dark?

Snapchat After Dark is an innovative addition that allows Snapchat users to post exclusive content for their friends after 8 pm. Only those who have also shared on their Stories can access this content.

It appears as a separate Snap Story, gathering Snaps from friends overnight to create an interactive highlight reel of the previous night’s activities. The feature encourages engagement among young users and promotes a more in-the-moment, active sharing experience, fostering stronger relationships through shared experiences.

It’s like having a personalized picture board from nightclubs and bars, showcasing all the fun things users did during the night.

If you don’t have Snapchat yet, you can download it via the links below:

  • Snapchat for Android
  • Snapchat for iOS

How to use Snapchat After Dark

Snapchat After Dark functions as a separate Snap Story that collects Snaps from friends overnight, creating an interactive and lively collage of the previous night’s activities. Only those who have shared on their Stories can access this feature.

The morning after posting, users can check the Snaps that their friends have shared, as long as they have reciprocated by sharing one back. This encourages interaction and strengthens the sense of community among friends.

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To post on Snapchat After Dark, simply create and share exclusive content on your Stories after 8 pm in the “After Dark” category.

This content will be a part of the “After Dark” Story and can only be seen by friends who have also shared on their Stories.

Image Source: rafapress / Shutterstock

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