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Instagram is updating its interaction approach for content creators

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Instagram is constantly adding new features to boost user engagement. The platform is currently testing a significant update that changes how users interact with content in their feeds.

This update involves showing the comment and share counts directly on the in-stream interface instead of hiding these metrics until a post is accessed.

Currently, Instagram displays the number of likes a post has received as a visible metric on the post itself, while comment and share counts are only shown when users interact with the post.

This separation has led to a difference in how users perceive engagement, often associating likes with popularity while underestimating conversations and shares.

With this proposed update, Instagram aims to bridge this gap by prominently showing comment and share counts beneath each post in the main feed.

The purpose of this change is to give users a better understanding of a post’s impact within the community.

Why is Instagram making this change?

Instagram is testing this update to improve the authenticity and meaningfulness of the user experience. By making comment and share counts more visible, the platform hopes to encourage users to focus on meaningful interactions instead of chasing vanity metrics.

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This aligns with Instagram’s goal of countering the culture of comparison and promoting genuinely resonant content.

Before you continue: Learn about the current Instagram algorithm.

How will it affect content creators?

For content creators, this update requires a strategic adjustment. While likes have traditionally been a primary measure of success, they must now concentrate on creating content that stimulates conversations and encourages sharing.

This change may prompt content creators to produce more thoughtful content that goes beyond a simple double-tap reaction.

The increased visibility of comment and share counts could encourage content creators to actively engage in meaningful discussions with their audience.

Encouraging dialogues, responding to comments, and sharing user-generated content may become essential for maintaining an engaged follower base.

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