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I’m Wearing Your Whole PC On My Wrist – WAN Show August 11, 2023

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Podcast download:

Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:53 Intro
2:27 Topic #1 – xQc’s “reaction” called out
4:04 Reactors’ impact on viewership, transforming content
6:38 H3H3, Linus’s history, xQc & Hasanabi criticism
8:42 Ethan’s debate, xQc replies with “the worm”
10:08 xQc leaking his DM with Ethan, LTT’s GPU meme
11:06 Drama, Linus’s thoughts on xQc’s invalid defenses
16:15 Danger of “supportive” people ft. Linus’s & Luke’s story
24:39 Linus’s community ft. Rod, Brian, Ed
27:56 Whose fault is this? What is the fix?
33:16 Topic #2 – CNET removing old articles
33:43 Linus on the difficulty of looking up stuff online
36:03 CNET’s representatives answers, Google’s tweet
38:52 Linus polls chat, archiving the internet
43:14 Merch Messages #1
44:58 Clear screwdrivers ETA? ft. “40k backpacks,” reinventing the wheel
51:27 LTTStore’s new keyboard pin
54:54 Linus on the store’s product photography
58:14 Linus’s home theater ft. EP, tapes, collectibles, Barbie merch
1:14:36 Linus explains reasoning behind C$ on LTTStore
1:16:54 Pins sold, TS’ cassettes, 1st gen iPod
1:20:28 Linus sees the pin colors, C$ 0.01 more
1:21:25 Topic #3 – Bots do CAPTCHA better than humans
1:22:34 Possible alternatives, Luke discuss passwords
1:26:32 Topic #4 – ShortCircuit’s Pwnage mouse video edited
1:30:25 Sponsor – Thorum ft. Linus’s hot burn, Luke’s tips
1:33:53 Sponsor – MSI
1:34:52 Sponsor – The Ridge
1:35:53 LTTStore’s weekly deal ft. Dan is getting powerful
1:38:07 LTTStore products on Amazon, Linus V.S. Linux
1:41:13 Topic #5 – YouTube limits links on the platform
1:43:38 Hipyo’s tweet on YouTube’s decision
1:43:48 Amazon screwdriver seller is NOT LTT
1:45:33 “This ends channels,” YouTube V.S. TikTok
1:47:29 Linus on Shorts revenue, scams, account breaches
1:50:59 Linus on comment’s visibility, hearts, pinning
1:53:46 Jeff corrects Linus about betting ft. Timestamp guy
1:59:29 Merch Messages #2
1:59:32 Recent opportunity to be creative that made no sense financially?
2:01:12 YouTube Shopping & revenue
2:03:37 Floatplane’s development history
2:09:14 Put in charge of Federal internet funding, what would you do?
2:11:52 What would it take for Starfield to be a success for Luke?
2:14:04 Should Linus edit a video? ft. Who would Luke backup?
2:18:08 Topic #6 – $300K of M:TG cards stolen
2:20:36 Experience, revenue from TV, strikers, unions
2:25:48 Topic #7 – Intel “Downfall” vulnerability
2:26:57 Topic #8 – A.I. can read your keystrokes
2:31:09 Merch Messages #3 ft. Accidental outro, WAN Show After Dark, extra bins
2:33:12 Impact of LTT’s reviews on your relationships ft. Linus & Luke reminiscing their past
2:57:27 Steam Deck’s impact on third party launchers
2:59:25 WAN Show on-time ft. Linus’s family, gifted people, Yvonne, work culture
3:24:48 Do you ever get tired of your job?
3:26:34 Thoughts on branded hardware?
3:30:14 Next AMD build upgrade?
3:30:34 Favorite CPU socket & peripheral connector?
3:31:22 Challenges with NVIDIA & recording a live event
3:35:14 Luke’s advice on owning budgies
3:37:30 How many LTX-edition screwdrivers have you sold?
3:41:17 LTT LTX staff pins history ft. Nick’s e-mail
3:44:23 Auction items that you were saddest to see go?
3:45:06 Pointless A.I. implementations? Pointless A.I.? ft. Hackathon, driving Linus home
3:49:12 Is Luke doing more reviews due to FP or the CEO?
3:50:58 Why has Samsung’s phone box gotten bland?
3:52:38 Automated mopping machines update?
3:52:48 Lux backpack update
3:53:19 Linus on smart home tech’s future
3:53:59 Where to put the Steam Deck in a backpack without a case?
3:55:42 Changing Linus’s midname to “Tech Tips” after purchases from LTTStore?
3:57:06 Do you see LTT merch as a reflection of yourself?
4:00:59 An experience you wanted to have but had to turn down?
4:02:18 Brandless LTT backpack? Video without excessive LTTStore branding?
4:03:42 Outro

Credit: YouTube/Linus Tech Tips

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