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How to Effortlessly Manage Your Budget-Friendly HDMI Switch with Home Assistant

Image Source: Vitalii Stock / Shutterstock

Ever been on the verge of the ultimate techie setup, only to stumble upon the need for one last tweak? For Maxime, the final touch was to bring a 4:2 HDMI switch under the command of Home Assistant, and he’s generously detailed the process of fusing the switch to this popular automation platform by simulating the signals of an infrared remote.

Initially, the HDMI switch can be operated via an infrared receiver for selecting the desired input. This presented the perfect opportunity for the integration of an ESP32 microcontroller to engage in a bit of digital conversation with the switch. Fortuitously, Home Assistant is adept at managing IR signals, which allowed Maxime to decipher the remote’s language, convert that into a Home Assistant config, and voilà – switching HDMI sources through a tap on his phone.

The blog dissects the magical lines of code that underpin the Home Assistant setup. If you’re scouting for an HDMI switch that dovetails with your digital ecosystem, this gem is a no-brainer. Plus, for those who revel in a little hands-on project, there’s a cornucopia of resources at your disposal for piecing together your version of an HDMI switch – KVM iterations inclusive.

Image Credits: Vitalii Stock / Shutterstock

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