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Hack Windows 10 & Download HEVC Codec FREE TechTip 👨‍💻

Windows 10 HEVC H.265 Video Codec Now Costs $1 on Microsoft Store but with this Hack you can get it for FREE by going directly to the hidden MS Store PC Builder link that provides the same exact codec for free. This codec shipped with Windows 10 originally but was later removed by Microsoft hoping they could get you to buy it back. Shame on you Microsoft for scamming your loyal Windows users ?

? Link to download FREE HEVC H265 video codec from Microsoft Store ?
– Free Codec from Device Manufacturers
^- Don’t buy the codec “Movies & TV” redirects you to, it’s not necessary!

? Table of contents to jump back to specific video segments ?
0:00 – 0:25 Intro
0:26 – 0:50 Apple rant + Joel being inconsiderate
0:51 – 1:42 Problem explanation
1:31 – Please don’t do that!
1:43 – 2:56 Jerry explains why there is a free version
2:43 – I’m sure I’m one of many who appreciate that.
2:56 – Coincidence? I don’t think so.
2:57 – 3:07 Jerry conspiracies about the iPhone being the cause of HEVC being removed
3:08 – 6:56 Jerry demonstrates his problem (5:15 Ladies)
6:57 – 11:42 Jerry our Prometheus bestows his solution upon us mere mortals (7:26 Jerry sells out his merch)
8:01 – We’re gonna go to HTTPTPPTDPDPDPTPD
11:43 – 11:58 Tar and feather your friends who spent a dollar
11:59 – 12:10 Sellout
12:11 – 13:06 Outro
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⭐ Notes and Updates ⭐
If you enjoyed this #Windows10 video please consider watching my playlist containing all of my other #Microsoft Windows 10 content and venture out and check out my other videos on 3D printing, technology, computers, programming, DIY & How To, and much much more. Also, if you know why Microsoft decided to remove the codec from the shipped version of Windows 10 please let me us know down in the comments and I’ll pin it! I guess this episode could also be considered a #DIYGasm episode, what do you guys think?

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Credit: YouTube

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