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Google Fixes 17 Security Issues in Latest Chrome 115 Update

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Google has recently released an update for Chrome 115, which addresses 17 security issues found in both the desktop and Android versions of the web browser.

Users can expect their Google Chrome installations to update automatically in the next few days or weeks. To expedite the security update for desktop users:

  1. Enter chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar or go to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.
  2. Chrome will then check for any available updates and display the current version installed. If a new version is found, it will be downloaded and installed at this point.
  3. Restart the browser after the update is completed.

After the update, the About page should display one of the following versions:

  • Chrome for Mac and Linux: 115.0.5790.170
  • Chrome for Windows: 115.0.5790.170 or 115.0.5790.171

For Chrome on Android, updates are delivered through Google Play and cannot be expedited. Users can verify the version on their Android by:

  1. Selecting Menu, then Help and Feedback.
  2. In the Help and Feedback page, select Menu and scroll to Version info.

Google Chrome 115: Fixing the 17 Security Issues

Google addresses externally reported security issues in a blog post on Chrome Releases. The 17 fixed vulnerabilities include 11 with a severity rating of high or medium. As of now, there have been no reports of these vulnerabilities being exploited.

The vulnerabilities encompass various exploit types, such as type confusions, heap buffer overflows, out of bounds memory access, and use after free vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended for both administrators and home users to update Chrome to safeguard against potential attacks.

Chrome 115 was released in mid-July, patching a total of 20 security issues in the web browser.

Image Source: / Shutterstock

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