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Google Chrome 94 Beta Is Now Officially Available For Download

Image Source: Pixabay

Google has rolled out the new Chrome 94 beta, showcasing some visually appealing Material You design changes.

Earlier this year, Google announced a faster release schedule, with Chrome updates now happening every four weeks instead of six. The latest Chrome 94 beta adheres to this new timeline.

This beta version introduces notable enhancements for the Android browser. By enabling specific settings in Google Chrome 94 beta, the browser seamlessly integrates with Android through the Monet theming engine. This results in accent colors being featured in various parts of the browser, aligning it visually with Android 12 beta features.

Beyond the design updates, Chrome 94 beta intensifies the Material You theming feature introduced in Chrome 93, hinting at further enhancements in subsequent updates.

In addition to these design changes, Chrome 93 beta brings a host of new features. These include an HTTPS-first mode, improvements to tab groups on mobile, and more.

While Chrome 94 beta introduces exciting advancements, it may overshadow Chrome 93 beta, which is still in the beta stage. This shift raises questions about Google’s focus on further developing Chrome 93 or shifting their efforts towards Chrome 94.

The beta version of Chrome 94 is now available for download on the Play Store and through APK files for Android devices where the update is not yet visible.

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Closing words

Despite Chrome 93 still being in beta, Google has launched Chrome 94 beta, with promising new features and design enhancements. I am eager to explore its capabilities more thoroughly.

Image Source: Pixabay

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