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Garuda Linux “Golden Eagle” (201007) Distribution Release Completed With 5 New Editions

Succeeding to the previous month’s v200831 release, the Garuda team has announced a new version 201007 “Golden Eagle” of Arch-based Garuda Linux.

The latest v201007 comes with five new editions, several bug fixes reported in the previous release, and other notable version upgrades such as GNOME 3.38, Plasma 5.19.5, Firefox 81, Linux-zen 5.8.13, and Mesa 20.2.

Garuda Linux 201007: What’s New?

The Welcome app has received more useful toggle settings, such as enable/disable printer or samba support. Even Garuda Linx now has a simple setup wizard, which contains options like upgrading Lite to Ultimate or adding Snap/Flatpak support in Lite edition.

Since Garuda features the BTRFS filesystem by default, the new version now creates home, cache, and log subvolumes by default to reduce the space consumption of the snapshots.

Coming to the applications, Garuda Linux 201007 has also added new open source software such as Searx, Bitwarden, BigBlueButton, and Nextcloud. You can easily get it via either the Welcome app or the new StartPage.

Additionally, Garuda offers 250MB free spaces for every user in Nextcloud instance, which might be expanded in the future. You can use it for backing up dotfiles, contacts, calendars, and notes.

Now, speaking of another important update, Garuda Linux “Golden Eagle” has introduced five new versions: MATE, Cinnamon, Recbox, UKUI, and BSPWM. It has also added two barebones editions: KDE and GNOME for advanced users only.

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So, with new editions, Garuda Linux is now available in 14 versions: KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXQT-Kwin, Wayfire, i3WM, Deepin, MATE, Cinnamon, Recbox, UKUI, BSPWM, Barebone KDE, and GNOME.

Out of all editions, images containing window managers (i3wm, BSPWM, Recbox, Wayfire), Deepin, and UKUI are only available in Lite editions and the remaining six in both Ultimate and Lite.

Here are the other key changes that Garuda Linux 201007 includes:

  • Removed systemd-guest-user
  • Replaced lightdm-gtk-greeter with lightdm-slick-greeter
  • Removed conky from Lite edition and added conky-manager to Ultimate
  • Default timeout decreased from 90 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Slimmed-down Lite and Ultimate editions
  • Fixed installation problem with encryption
  • Added cpu-autofreq and thermald to reduce fan noise and make battery life better
  • Disabled annoying beep from the speakers
  • Replaced flameshot with ksnip
  • Removed incompatible GNOME 3.38 extensions like Dash to Dock

Image Source: Fossbytes

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