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Flexson VinylPlay Turntable: Great Features at a High Price

One of the most unique accessories of the Sonos speakers to come out from the UK based company, Flexson, the VinylPlay is no bargain, being priced at $499. The VinylPlay is a turntable that, according to the company, “gives music fans a best-of-both-worlds solution”. It features a built-in digital to analog converter and also has a USB output integrated DAC which allows one to either convert vinyl to high-quality digital files or to good quality MP3 files for smartphones and tablets.

It also features a phono-stage preamplifier which allows you to connect it to a range of music devices. The sound quality is great, good enough to be enjoyed by audiophiles and causal listeners alike. It comes with a one-year warranty, although it will be invalid if any modifications are made to the device. Unlike most conventional turntables, the setup of the VinylPLay is a breeze, and the setup can be completed in just less than 5 minutes.

The construction is certainly high quality with premium components built into it. The low-profile design follows a minimalist approach and is simple yet also well built. It has a slim, plain rectangular plinth with the start/bottom underneath it, on the far right corner and its back features the controls, connections and ports. The three rubber feet of the turntable significantly reduce vibration. It comes in monochromatic black, which matches the color scheme of the company’s Sonos speakers.

The price can be a big letdown. Many cheaper turntables offer similar features as this one, including the $250 Audio Technica LP-120 which lacks the premium feel though. The position of the stat/stop button can be awkward for some.

The turntable is not by any means revolutionary but overall it is a solid combination of features and design. However, they are not enough to justify the price tag and the company would need to lower the price in order to convince more people to buy their device.

Photo courtesy: Flexson

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