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Firefox Releases New Update Version 91.0.2

Image Source: Pixabay

Mozilla is set to launch a minor update for Firefox today. Firefox 91.0.2 is a non-security update that resolves two issues within the web browser, one of which impacts Firefox on Mac OS.

The latest version of Firefox is not yet accessible as of now. Mozilla will make Firefox 91.0.2 available to all users later today, on August 24, 2021. Users can check their current Firefox version by selecting Menu > Help > About Firefox. The new version will be distributed through the browser’s automatic update system and can also be downloaded from the official Mozilla website.

Firefox 91.0.2 Update Details

Firefox 91.0.2 is the second minor update following the release of Firefox 91 on August 10, 2021. Firefox 91 serves as the new base for Firefox’s Extended Support Release channel, introducing features like simplified printing and HTTPS-First connections in private browsing mode.

Subsequently, Firefox 91.0.1 was launched a week later on August 17, 2021, focusing on fixing security and stability issues.

The latest update, Firefox 91.0.2, addresses two specific issues encountered by users in previous versions. It resolves an issue on Mac OS X, where users with “increase contrast” enabled in settings were not experiencing high contrast mode by default in Firefox due to a bug. Firefox 91.0.2 rectifies this problem for Mac OS users.

The second issue involved Firefox Lockwise, the browser’s password manager, repeatedly prompting users to enter the primary password. Initially reported on Windows, later confirmed by Linux users, this issue may have affected desktop systems across all platforms supported by Firefox. Reportedly, the problem surfaced in Firefox 90.

Mozilla identified the issue stemmed from data clearance in Firefox. The new Firefox version now resolves this by no longer clearing authentication data when purging trackers, thereby preventing recurring prompts for a password.

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Final Thoughts

With the release of Firefox 91.0.2 today, users experiencing the password manager issue can anticipate a fix. For users not reliant on the password manager or high contrast mode in Firefox, an immediate update may not be necessary. The comprehensive release notes will be made available soon. Firefox 92, containing these bug fixes, is scheduled to release on September 7, 2021.

Image Source: Pixabay

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