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Firefox ESR 91: New ESR Launching Soon

Image Source: Pixabay
Mozilla is set to launch the new version of its Firefox web browser on Tuesday, 10th, 2021. This release is special as it will serve as the foundation for a new Extended Support Release (ESR) version of the browser.

Firefox ESR versions have a longer maintenance period compared to regular releases. They come with a specific set of features that remain unchanged throughout their lifespan, with security updates and bug fixes being the main focus.

The upcoming Firefox 91 ESR will not immediately replace the current version, Firefox 78 ESR. There will be two more releases, Firefox 78.14 ESR and Firefox 78.15 ESR, before it reaches its end-of-life in October 2021.

Major changes in Firefox 91 ESR include a new interface design, enhanced privacy features, the removal of Adobe Flash support, and compatibility with new operating systems like Mac OS Big Sur.

Firefox ESR is also the core platform of the Tor Browser, which will also be updated to the new ESR version in due course. Users interested in testing the new version can do so by downloading the portable version of Firefox ESR from Portable Apps without affecting their current installation.

In conclusion, the upcoming Firefox 91 ESR version brings significant changes to the browser’s features. While some features are being removed, like Flash support, new features such as improved privacy protections are being added. Organizations relying on specific features may need to explore other options for support.

Closing Words

The new Firefox 91 base for ESR releases introduces significant changes to various features of the browser. Some features are removed, e.g. Flash support is gone for good and the interface redesign has removed some options, but there are also new features, such as improved privacy protections. Organizations who rely on these features lose another option, and need to look elsewhere, e.g. Pale Moon, for support.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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