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Firefox 116.0.2: The Second Point Update in a Week

Photo credit: dennizn / Shutterstock

Mozilla is set to release Firefox 116.0.2 today, marking the second point update in a week. This update follows the release of Firefox 116.0.1 by Mozilla last Friday.

The two updates have been issued less than a week after the official release of Firefox 116 on August 1, 2023.

Both point updates address non-security related issues found in the browser. Firefox 116.0.1 fixed an issue where chart elements were displayed incorrectly for Windows users.

In the latest Firefox 116.0.2 update, Mozilla addresses a single issue that specifically affects users of ZoneAlarm Anti-Keylogger.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Keylogger is a security feature found in ZoneAlarm security products. Users of ZoneAlarm need to enable the Anti-Keylogger feature within their client application’s Web & Privacy settings. This tool works in various web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer.

According to ZoneAlarm, Anti-Keylogger protects user computers from any malicious software that records keystrokes.

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The issue in question is detailed in a bug report on Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug tracking website. The reporter stated that after installing the previous Firefox update, keyboard inputs would repeat qwerty sequences instead of typing the intended letter in Firefox.

Several posts on Mozilla’s official support forum confirm that other users of the browser have also experienced this issue. Some users discovered that the ZoneAlarm Anti-Keylogger tool was to blame.

A simple fix for this issue is to disable the Anti-Keylogger feature within the ZoneAlarm client software.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 116.0.2 today to resolve this issue for all users. Mozilla’s solution involves removing a ZoneAlarm DLL that was causing crashes for some users running ZoneAlarm software, leading to the DLL’s addition to the browser’s blocklist.

Firefox users running ZoneAlarm software with Anti-Keylogger enabled are advised to install the update once it becomes available. Although some Firefox installations may experience crashes due to other issues, they will at least be able to type without encountering scrambling problems. Other Firefox users can take their time to install the update, as it does not address any other issues within the browser.

To check for updates, Firefox users can go to Menu > Help > About Firefox to see their current version and initiate a search for updates.

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