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Experience Visuals Like Never Before | True Blacks | ASUS OLED Laptops

Can you see the never-before-seen? Now, with ASUS OLED laptops, you can experience visuals like never before.

Lurking in the True Black darkness, the Superhero emerges, bringing movies and entertainment to life. With impeccable reproduction of blacks, ASUS OLED laptops deliver True Black capabilities for full immersion.

But what’s so great about ASUS OLED display? When displaying black on an OLED display, the pixel is simply turned off to produce the darkest possible black. This enables extremely crisp and clear images, even for the darkest scenes.

Also, an OLED pixel consists of three sub-pixels, each with its own self-generated illumination: a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display has 2,073,600 pixels, which means it has 6,220,800 self-illuminated sub-pixels, compared to just a few dozen LED backlights in a Full HD LCD display.

Enjoy the Superhero that’s True Black and you’ll be surprised to see how many new details you can spot in a movie!

Learn more about the full range of ASUS OLED laptops and ASUS OLED technology here:

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Credit: YouTube/ASUS

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