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EndeavourOS Latest Release Introduces Beneficial Updates

If you have an interest in Linux operating systems, you may already be familiar with EndeavourOS. This distribution is derived from Arch Linux and is specially designed to enhance the Linux gaming environment. A new version of EndeavourOS has been launched, bringing a range of new features and enhancements. Here’s a summary of what the latest release of EndeavourOS has to offer.

EndeavourOS 2021.08.30: What’s New?

New App Versions

The latest version features updates such as Calamares installer version, Firefox version, Linux kernel 5.13.12.arch1-1, Mesa 21.2.1-1 driver, and the newest Nvidia-dkms 470.63.-1-3 driver.

Additionally, a new application named EOS apps info has been introduced. This app provides a list of essential applications for EndeavourOS, along with their manuals. Think of it as a guide to using the distribution. While this app doesn’t come preinstalled, you can easily install it using the command yay -S eos-apps-info.

Changes to the Calamares Installer

  • An option to select BTRFS when using the auto-partitioning feature in the installer has been added.
  • There’s now an option to choose the Linux-lts kernel.
  • During the Xfce or i3wm selection, you can now opt in or out of installing the EndeavourOS theme.
  • Enhancements have been made to the installer’s design.
  • Improvements have been implemented in the installer to prevent installation failures caused by faulty mirrors.
  • Packages are now obtained from EndeavourOS’s repository instead of GitHub to prevent installation issues for users in regions where GitHub is inaccessible.

EndeavourOS stands out as an exceptional Arch-based Linux distribution, similar to Manjaro. If you’re torn between the two, consider reading our comprehensive Manjaro Vs EndeavourOS comparison.

For more details on the release, visit the official announcement page. Share with us in the comments section below which Arch-based Linux distribution is your personal favorite.

Image Source: EndeavourOS

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