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Customizing Knobs with OpenSCAD Code Made Simple

While not everyone embraces the CAD-via-code concept of OpenSCAD, it’s undeniable that the software is great for creating parametric designs. With just a few variables, you can create a model in OpenSCAD that can easily be adjusted by others, even without CAD experience.

For instance, take this parametric knob generator by [aminGhafoory]. The code is under 100 lines long, and to create your own version, you mainly need to focus on the clearly labeled variables at the top. Input your desired dimensions, tweak the grip function values, and then export the design to an STL file for printing with just a press of a button.

While all knobs generated with this code may look alike, the open-source nature allows for customization. You can use this code as a starting point if you wish to print unique-looking knobs. With the basic functionality set, you can concentrate on creating a new function to generate a grip texture that suits your style better.

To make your OpenSCAD designs more user-friendly for customization, explore its customizer feature that replaces manual variable editing with intuitive sliders and input boxes. Projects like the “Ultimate Box Maker” from 2018 showcase how powerful OpenSCAD can be when you design with flexibility in mind.

Image Source: Hackaday

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